At the Sharpe end…..

Thanks to advice received from Mike Joyce, who was responsible for the design and set building of La Haye Sainte and Lucille’s farm for ‘Sharpes Waterloo’, I have obtained a building survey and scale drawing for the iconic Waterloo battle site.


What does this mean? It means that Stonk Games will shortly be offering La Haye Sainte as an accurate 28mm and 15mm laser cut mdf kit. You’ll be able to buy the components (Barn, stables, farmhouse and walls) separately over time to keep your costs down, but if bought together I hope to offer this to you at a significantly lower price than other suppliers. (OK so you won’t get  fancy box, but that will leave you a balance to spend on defenders).


Mike’s set plans are shown above, but these arn’t what I’m using to create the kit (Mike says the set was actually about 50% of the actual size of the La Haye Sainte). For more info on Mike’s sharpe work, take a look at his website:




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