Corridor Cut


Here are the pictures of my first completed corridor section. Made from 2mm lasercut mdf, each section takes around 20 minutes to cut, due to the number of parts and the use of ‘engrave’ on the floor and walls.¬†SAM_1954


To the left is a section of removable wall. This can be replaced with a door section:

SAM_1958SAM_1960 SAM_1959

SAM_1961This itself is reversible, giving variation to the position of the door in the corridor.

SAM_1962 SAM_1964


This gives the option to access and use the small room alongside.



The back wall of this room is also removable, allowing for back to back uses of the modules to make larger rooms.



Looking back through the door we can see a ventilation duct on the other side:



But this isn’t just for decoration. With its own removable roof, and sliding doors it provides access to a series of ventilation duct pieces for hunting gribbly nasties in the dark. More of that in the next post….



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