Holy KOW!

Good news and bad news from Mantic as I picked up the Stonk delivery this morning. Good News: The new army boxes are in and they look cool. OK so its whats inside that matters, and by and large the current ones haven’t changed except for the bad news…

The boxes NO LONGER contain the small a5 V1 Rulebook.

the Good news is that instead, for a limited time, they come with the separate £10.00 worth softback ‘gamers edition’ V2 Rules instead!!!

A bit smaller than A4 and without some of the fluff off the hardback the gamers rules nevertheless contain full army lists and look and feel awesome. (I know, I have to get out more).

So. If you buy an army box from Stonk Games, already at 10% or more OFF the mantic price, You get a FREE £10.00 rulebook included.

Holy KOW indeed!holy KOW

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