More new builds

I’ve now added the new 28mm ‘Town House’ and ‘Ruined Town House’ to the products page of Stonk games. These two are aimed at the Frostgrave/Mordhiem market, but will work equally well for historical gaming from the tudor period, through ECW and Napoleonics, right up to the advance into small town germany in WW2 (where timber framed houses were still common).


Featuring raised external beams and internal details, such as fireplaces and stairs, these kits allow a lot of scope for placing figures in cover. The roof and upper storey of the complete building is removable for internal access.

SAM_2197 SAM_2198 SAM_2199

The pictures show the prototype builds, and there will be a few tweaks on the production models, such as increasing the thickness of the ‘window leading’, and reducing the number of panes, and fiddling with the chimney stack assembly.

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