Oh rats!

Mantics Summer campaign is a great incentive to dust off old figures (or to buy new ones) and to get rolling some dice again, and I’m doing just that, starting with my old GW skaven.

Thanks to the Kings of War Uncharted Empires supplement, most of the skaven units translate directly to KoW Ratkin, but one of the extra individuals is that of ‘swarm crier’, described as a ‘blind, bloated and albino’ standard bearer.



As my skaven force consists mainly of two lots of the ‘island of blood’ box, I have two of the rather impressive but unbalanced (in more ways than one) war chief figures. – the one with the fiery flagpole on his back – so I used this as the basis for my swarm crier. Lopping off the head and replacing it and the left arm with parts from a Stormvermin sprue, moving the flaming banner to the right arm to replace the pole arm weapon was the easy bit. Sadly this made the figure even more unbalanced leading to constant face┬áplanting!


This was countered by changing the arm angles, which involved some literal arm twisting, and the addition of a real pebble to the back of the base (I love how rocks and twigs are scale-able).

The addition of a gut and jowls was done with milliput, as was the covering for the upper body, forming a rough coat tied at the waist by the existing belt. Straps were added to this – running under the chin to support a replacement back pole, shortened and with an added skull roughly over the centre of gravity so that the whole thing didn’t nose dive again.


My Ratkin force is almost finished – and I’ll be following this with more pics of the finished force soon, when I will be praising the idea of multibasing extensively. If you’ve not already signed up to this ‘Incoming’ blog, please do so, as i plan to be a lot more prolific with it now that uni is over!

If you are considering making more use of your existing shelf-bound warhammer minis and want to have a go at KoW you can pick up the rules and the uncharted empires suppliment HERE.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours in wargaming: Kev@stonk!



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