Ready for the Abyss….

With the impending shipping of my Mantic Abyssal army, I thought that I would try to get ahead of the game by making some ‘Lava Flow’ multibasing trays in advance.

The standard Mantic ‘slotta circle’, the bit that they mould onto the foot of the figure is 15mm in diameter, and a regiment base of 20 is 5 figs wide x 4 deep on 20mm square bases, so 100mm x 80mm, as listed in the Kings of War rulebook.

So I wanted a regiment base that would show ‘lava’ between these tightly packed figures. The logical step was to make it in two pieces:



The upper frame (left) has 15.1mm holes with a winding channel between them. Because I wanted to keep this peice together the ‘channel’ is bridged at three points. The lower frame is scored with a painting guide to follow the channel.

Adding a bit of random sand and gravel gives the top plate more’oomph':


A quick under coat of grey and black spray later, with a swirl of orange, yellow and red paint (10 mins) and you’ve got this:



Put them together:



Taking a knife to remove the ‘links’ in the surface restores the ‘flow’. A quick touch up so that you can see where the figures are going (not needed really, the figure stands will fill the holes) and there you are:



All ready for my Abyssals. These blanks are now available from my shop at £1 per set.




2 thoughts on “Ready for the Abyss….

  1. Ian

    Great idea for lava bases, I’ve been considering how to do a lava flow multibase. Bad luck regarding the lack of slotta circles, good effort trying to get ahead of the game.
    Do the abyssal dwarves come on slotta circles? they would work well for those still if so.

    1. Kevin Stevenson

      They do indeed! I hadn’t thought of that.

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