They’re in the walls! – ventilation ducts.

These are the parts for the ventilation duct cross over block:SAM_1974The first task is to assemble the fan:

SAM_1976 SAM_1977SAM_1987SAM_1988I’m painting this as I go, because its almost impossible to paint the details later. Next, to assemble the upper level ‘bridge’. Though the piece isn’t a cross roads, there is a way to swap direction by accessing the floor hatch.

SAM_1978SAM_1979SAM_1980Next to assemble the support walls for the lower level and to test fit:

SAM_1981 SAM_1982Then the access points from the other direction. the ventilation grid is  positioned above the regular corridor floor, so these allow models to drop down to the base of this piece:SAM_1985Some paintwork and reassembly later:


The remaining internal walls are added:

SAM_1993 vent control detail:SAM_2001 SAM_2003And the fan:



Next, the outer ‘box’ is added, which creates the closing walls for the upper level. Each hole is a potential connection to the ventilation duct on another block.

SAM_1995And then the fixed parts of the ceiling go on:

SAM_1996The remainder of the ceiling panels are removable to allow for model access/reveal/concealment  on either level.

SAM_1999SAM_1998And heres how it fits into some of the other blocks:

SAM_1997Over the next few days I’ll be showing Corridor cross roads, and T junction/corner blocks. Please sign up to receive updates and please pass on a link to any friends who may be interested. Thanks for viewing!





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